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Its Legal: Select from our well-known smokable incense and herbal incense blends! Our Incense to Smoke is Legal in all 50 states and anywhere else in the world, our incense is made up from all natural herbs. We do not use any harmful chemicals that you find in many other herbal incense blends including synthetic research chemicals that have recently been banned and criminalized in many states and countries.

  • Our Herbal Incense Smoke is made from unique proprietary ingredients and extremely rare organic botanicals which been used by humans for thousands of years for meditation and spiritual rituals.

Incense to Smoke

Smokable Herbal Incense

Wondering about which kind of incense to smoke to get high? The newest smoking craze sweeping the nation is Herbal Incense Smoke, another alternate form of smoking that involves herbal derivatives being smoked in a pipe or using rolling papers. Although some people call incense smoking legal marijuana or legal pot, the fact is that smoking incense is just another smoking alternative, like Jack in the Box is a hamburger alternative to McDonald's and New Balance is an alternative to Nike. Of course, the difference there happens to be that neither McDonald's nor Nike is a controlled substance, but perhaps McDonald's should be. Anyway, the point is that these new incense brands that have hit the smoking market are rapidly being integrated into new social patterns and smokers everywhere are enjoying them immensely.

Why Smoke Incense Herbal Smoke?

If asked about why they choose incense to smoke rather than one of the other smoking alternatives, the truth is that many people will say that the reason is because of drug testing. Although tobacco is legal in the United States, the fact is that it's one of the only smoking alternatives that is legal, the key one being highlighted here marijuana. Many people who enjoy smoking a little bud after a long day at work or a hard day at the office are afraid to because they know they will not pass a drug test if they do. Why, even President Bill Clinton admitted to smoking bud, even if he "didn't inhale," (uh-huh. Sure). So, you have a social situation where there are lots of people wanting to do something, but afraid to do so because of the possible consequences.

Another reason many people give for why they choose incense to smoke to get high is the social stigma associated with Mary Jane. Choosing to smoke pot is still an act of rebellion in many parts of the country, one that puts you in a crowd of sometimes seedy less-desirables. That stereotyping is one thing that drives people away from any sort of smoking alternative, because they have respectable jobs and respectable friends that they don't want to have find out about their less respectable habit. Although these folks could choose to smoke tobacco with less social stigma, cigarettes have also acquired quite a negative social stigma in the last 50 years in Western society.

Enter incense smoking into the equation. A safe, legal, and 100% natural alternative to marijuana or tobacco, it presents a number of advantages over those (or any other smoking alternative, for that matter). It is legal in all 50 states, and further more using incense to smoke will not cause you fail a drug test. There has been some confusion about this in recent year, so let us be clear about this by putting in all capital letters: HERBAL INCENSE WILL NOT CAUSE YOU TO FAIL A DRUG TEST. The reason we can be sure of this is there are no drug tests out there that test for the kinds of substances you will find in incense herbal smoke. Consequently, if there are no tests that test for it, then it is not possible that those tests will show that you have used herbal incense smoke. Plus, even if they could test for these substances, they are legal anyway—they might as well be testing to see if you ate celery for dinner the night before.

A History of Smoking

Smoking incense is not the first new smoking craze ever. Far from it. People have been smoking various plants since long before the time of Christ. It started out with Native American Indians using incense to smoke up sweat lodges (made of stuff like lemongrass or fish poo, interestingly enough), or perhaps Babylonians or Scythian civilization—nobody's really sure. But soon people were inhaling the smoke directly, rather than burning it out in the open. Indian religious texts recommend "drinking smoke" as a medical salve for various ailments as far back as 3,000 years. Up until Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, smoking tobacco was still fairly social stigma free. But then Hitler (who was an avid anti-smoker) grew concerned that smoking might be contaminating the "master-race" and began a vigorous anti-smoking campaign designed to prevent native Germans from smoking.

And then there's cannabis. People have been using that herb to gain entrance into the spiritual world for a couple thousand years, too. Societies in virtually every continent of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, India, and even North America have evidence of cannabis smoking rituals stretching back that far. Chinese medicine calls for the use of cannabis as a medicine for all kinds of sicknesses, including fever and dietary problems. The African tribe Riamba was centered around worship and use of that ancient magical herb. The Indian religious text Ayurveda refers to marijuana as one of the "five sacred plants", and several religious festivals (Shivrati, Holi) feature cannabis smoking in various forms as a dominant feature of the festival. And in Europe, in spite of the heavy criminal fines and punishments associated with marijuana use today, linguistic evidence shows that hemp was in common use possibly as early as 500 B.C.

So using incense to smoke and get high is really nothing new. Nor, if we look a little closer, is it that uncommon in society today. Medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up everywhere in the San Francisco bay area, and even as far north as Humboldt County. Those Indian festivals that require the use of cannabis? Still happening today—and the ritualistic use of cannabis during the festival is largely ignored by authorities, although marijuana is technically an illegal substance in India. Increasingly we see that people will do what they want to do no matter what, and it just takes something like making a legal incense to smoke as an alternative to these other less socially accepted smoking choices to let them do so.

Choosing Which Incense to Smoke

So, rest assured that no matter which incense you choose, it will be completely natural and organic, with plants and herbs from as far away as India, and as ancient as ancient Egypt. And best of all, it will be completely legal!

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